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Understanding the Proper Use of Medical Supplies

When my wife was diagnosed with a serious medical condition, I knew that it was time to learn how to help. I started paying more attention to the condition of the house and watching the kids whenever I could. I also talked with her doctor about learning how to use the medical supplies that she had at home, so that I could help her to change IVs and replace bandages. It took awhile to learn, but eventually, I was able to get the process down. The help that I was able to offer my wife meant a lot to her, and I knew that it was because of my understanding of the medical equipment. This blog is all about learning how to use medical supplies.


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Understanding the Proper Use of Medical Supplies

How Internal Medicine EHR Software Can Help Prevent A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

by Amélie Fournier

Medical professionals and businesses need to do everything they can to help minimize the number of medical malpractice lawsuits that they face. These lawsuits can be costly to defend against and costly if you lose, which can affect your businesses ability to stay afloat. If you are an internal medicine care provider, internal medicine EHR software may be able to help minimize the odds that a lawsuit will be filed against you. Here is how. 

Ensures You Don't Miss a Diagnosis

If you miss a diagnosis that the average doctor would have caught, and it causes your patient to become more ill or injured, they can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against you. Internal medicine EHR software helps to ensure this doesn't happen. You can input the patient's complaints and test results, such as blood work or CT scans. The software will then list make a list of the common diagnosis that match what you have input. This can help to ensure that you don't miss or overlook something. 

Reminds You About Necessary Patient Care

Another key way that internal medicine EHR software can help you avoid a medical malpractice is by reminding you or staff about neccessary patient care. In hospital settings, it is easy to get busy and side-tracked. But if you have patients that need medications at certain times, they can fall ill if you or your staff fail to provide them with the care they need when they need it. The software alerts staff members when a patient needs something. If the alert is not cleared within a certain time period, more staff members are alerted. This helps ensure that someone takes care of the patients needs, even if their designated caretaker is busy. 

Allows You To See What Other Providers Have Done

The last way that internal medicine EHR software can help to reduce the risk of a medical malpractice lawsuit is by allowing you to see what other providers have done for the patient. If you were out on lunch or in surgery, one of your staff members may have stepped in and already given your patient their medications or offered them treatment. You can over medicate or over treat the patient if you are unaware of this. Being able to quickly see what other providers have done for the patient helps prevent this. 

Despite your best efforts, you cannot prevent all medical malpractice lawsuits. But a tool like internal medicine EHR software can help to minimize the chances of one being filed and provides you with evidence of how you helped the patient in the event you are sued.