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Understanding the Proper Use of Medical Supplies

When my wife was diagnosed with a serious medical condition, I knew that it was time to learn how to help. I started paying more attention to the condition of the house and watching the kids whenever I could. I also talked with her doctor about learning how to use the medical supplies that she had at home, so that I could help her to change IVs and replace bandages. It took awhile to learn, but eventually, I was able to get the process down. The help that I was able to offer my wife meant a lot to her, and I knew that it was because of my understanding of the medical equipment. This blog is all about learning how to use medical supplies.


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Understanding the Proper Use of Medical Supplies

Handicapped Equipment To Help With Back Problems

by Amélie Fournier

If you have injured your back or you have back issues, then you may want to get yourself some handicapped equipment for your home, as well as other places, that will help you feel better and get around easier. Here are some of the pieces of equipment that may help with your back issues:

Get a pick-up stick to pick things up from lower levels – If you are trying to reach something on the floor, or close to it, you may have a very had time doing so when you have a bad back. A pick-up stick has grabbing tongs on one end of a long stick and a handle that allows you to open and close the tongs. You can use the stick to pick up things you drop or something that's kept close to floor level without the need to bend at all. You can get a pick-up stick in different lengths, so one will work for you and your height.

Switch your toilet out for a taller one – If you are dealing with chronic back issues and you find it uncomfortable to squat all the way down on your regular toilet then switching it with a taller one may be worth the initial investment. Taller toilets are available that allow you to reach the seat sooner, putting less stress on your back, as well as your knees.

Get a back brace to use when you are hurting more than normal -  While it isn't good to use a back brace all the tie because it can cause the muscles in your back to become weaker, it is good to wear a brace when you are really hurting. The back brace will temporarily immobilize your back which can help you from moving in ways that cause you more discomfort.

Get yourself some good ice packs – You can get some good quality ice packs you can put on your back when you hurt from inflammation. Ice helps to reduce the inflammation and makes you feel better. Putting ice in a bag yourself can be hard because cubes will be uncomfortable to lay on your back. When you have a real ice pack it will be soft and feel more like gel, making it comfortable to set right on your back.

Get a shower chair for your showers – If your back hurts so much that you find it hard to shower, you can get a shower chair. This allows you to get clean while you are sitting safely and comfortably under the stream.

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