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Understanding the Proper Use of Medical Supplies

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Understanding the Proper Use of Medical Supplies

Family Caregivers And Skin Care: What Critical Hospice Supplies Do You Need For Your Loved One?

by Amélie Fournier

If you decide to provide your loved one's hospice care at home, you may wonder if you should purchase special equipment and supplies to make your duties easier on you and them. Although many hospice patients stay in special hospitals and residences for care, some individuals choose to stay at home or with a loved one. However, the challenges hospice caregivers face may create problems for them and the people they care for. One of the challenges you might face is providing personal care to your loved one, especially if the loved one has skin problems or mobility issues that require special supplies or equipment to manage. To help you get started, here are items you may use to care for your loved one.

Bedside Commodes and Chairs

If your loved one is still able to use the bathroom but has limited mobility in their legs, you may want to purchase or obtain a bedside commode or chair for them. Bedside commodes and chairs help patients help maintain their ability to use the facilities without having to walk to the bathroom. The equipment comes with wide, cushioned seats to make people feel more comfortable when they sit down, especially if they suffer from pressure sores and ulcers on their buttocks. 

Bedsores develop when the skin breaks down and reveals the tissue and bone beneath it. The severity of bedsores vary from person to person, depending on their age, weight and overall health. Bedsores may interfere with your loved one's quality of life. Because bedsores can be painful, sources recommend using special equipment, such as cushions and foam mattresses help manage the care of people with bedsores. Choosing the right bedside commode or chair may help you do this. But keep in mind that pressure sores can become worse without the proper management and care.

The commodes may also feature high backs that support the spine and hips of the people who use them. A high-backed bedside commode may also keep your loved one safe if they tend to lose their balance and fall backwards when they sit down. 

If you can't find the right equipment for your loved one, it's a good idea that you speak to your loved one's doctor or a hospice equipment supplier for assistance.

Hospice Bed and Pressure-Relieving Cushions

Depending on the extent of your loved one's condition and health, they may spend a lot time in bed resting. You may wish to make the time your loved one spends in bed more comfortable, especially if they tend to eat their meals in bed. In this case, you may choose an electric bed for your loved one. 

Electric hospice beds come with electronic controls that allow you to raise and lower the head, foot and center of the bed with ease. If your loved one is able to, they may also operate the control features to improve their comfort levels. These options are very important if you need to adjust the bed in order to keep pressure off your loved one's ulcers.

Some sources recommend placing sheepskin or cushions on the beds to prevent new pressure sores from forming. Sheepskin is a common material used all over the world to prevent and ease the pain of pressure sores by preventing chafing in the skin. If sheepskin is something that may benefit your loved one, consult with a hospice equipment supplier to see if the company offers the material.

Caring for a loved one who needs special hospice care for their skin may not be easy. But with the right information and help, you can obtain what they need. For more information about hospice supplies, including those mentioned above, contact a supplier today, or visit websites like http://cornermedical.com/.