Family Caregivers And Skin Care: What Critical Hospice Supplies Do You Need For Your Loved One?

If you decide to provide your loved one’s hospice care at home, you may wonder if you should purchase special equipment and supplies to make your duties easier on you and them. Although many hospice patients stay in special hospitals and residences for care, some individuals choose to stay at home or with a loved one. However, the challenges hospice caregivers face may create problems for them and the people they care for. One of the challenges you might face is providing personal care to your loved one, especially if the loved one has skin problems or mobility issues that require special supplies or equipment to manage. To help you get started, here are items you may use to care Read More

Dealing With Ankle Injuries: How To Apply For A Knee Scooter With Medicare

Recent research has indicated that approximately 25,000 Americans will suffer from some type of ankle injury every day. More than 80% of these injuries are a result of inversion of the ankle, otherwise known as inward rolling. To take some of the pressure off of the ankles and allow for a quicker recovery, most physicians would recommend patients to get some type of crutches or walking aid. Knee scooters are quickly gaining popularity for their ability to take weight off of the lower extremities.  Basics of a Knee Scooter As an alternative to traditional walking aids, the knee scooter was born with convenience in mind. Knee scooters feature a supporting platform on a scooter with two, three or four wheels, and create a Read More